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About Us

CoinArmy Blockchain Consultancy is an international blockchain consulting and development firm dedicated to revolutionizing the world by formatting network effects and procuring the necessary capital for future generation applications which utilize blockchain technology and innovative contract technology. CoinArmy Blockchain is based in Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadine and has branches scattered over more than twenty countries permitting our team to serve you on an international scale with exceptional regional representation for clients found all over the world.

CoinArmy Blockchain has an illustrious career dealing with numerous forms of services related to the blockchain industry. We are in the process of developing schematic solutions to overcome global issues in a wide range of situations ranging from refugee crisis to media. Enterprise team with the assistance of the government are working in partnership with globally recognized fortune 100 companies and international governments to propel the use of blockchain implementation and transformation within an organizational and national setting. We have developed blockchain products with the assistance of numerous architectures having POC’s to applications assisting in production.

We are Blockchain and DLT agnostic and possess a wealth of experience dealing with various blockchain fabrics such as Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Ripple, Factom, Tron, Neo, Icon & Aion, etc; We are well versed with handling numerous forms of blockchain development and distributed ledger technology APIs, software frameworks, databases, and developer tools for assessing and agile enhancement.

We provide exceptional services to improve and enhance your team’s knowledge on blockchain and its endless possibilities, so that you are able to develop a blockchain strategy which can be implemented today. 

Working with

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Blockchain services:

We offer a turn-key approach to an ITO and can guide you through the whole process of the whitepaper, explainer video and funding websites designed for international integrated digital marketing campaign, enterprise partnerships for real life applications, the crowd sale contract and security audit, liquidation to cover your team’s expenses and placement of your company on world renown exchanges markets.  



  • Educational Workshops
  • Recruitment Services
  • Strategy & Partnerships
  • Implementation & Integration


  • Technical Consulting
  • Blockchain Feasibility Studies
  • System Gap Analysis
  • ICO consulting


  • Full-Suite Marketing
  • Full-Suite PR
  • Community & Events Management
  • Investor Relations & Private Sales


  • Smart Contract Development
  • Product Design (UI/UX)
  • Secure Token Development
  • PoC & MVP Builds
Join us at BIISUMMIT DUBAI on 7th of November!
Listen to what our CEO Evgeni Mitkov has to say at the BLOCKCHAIN for the Consumer meeting in NYC!
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Our Partners


Our Team

Erol User is the President and CEO of USER HOLDING AS, active in investment banking, energy, cryptocurrency, blockchain and IT. Born in Istanbul in 1960, is a graduate of the Department of Economic Sciences of Istanbul University with the double majors study in Business Administration and Finance and holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School...

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Evgeni Mitkov has been an advocate and trailblazer to improve and electronify the Foreign Exchange markets with innovative business models and cutting-edge electronic trading platforms for 20 years.
For the past 5 years, Evgeni has merged high-frequency FX trading technology with blockchain payments and settlement to create a powerful vision for the future of cross- border payments and currency markets...

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Kaan Sapanatan is an experienced investment professional with a demonstrated history of working in the wealth management industry. He graduated from Malvern Collage in England completing his A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Physics. He attended the University of Edinburgh and completed his degree in Accounting and Finance double major with Honors...

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Ali Sina User is equipped with sound business principles and well-validated techniques which produce amazing results. He earned his Bachelors’ degree in Economics from Bocconi University in 2010 before proceeding for a Masters in SDA, Bocconi. His quest to widen his horizon of learning led him into completing a Blockchain Strategy Program at Oxford University...

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Registered to Istanbul Lawyers’ Bar (1997). Holds an LLM on Economics Law (2004). Practicing law at Yilmaz Law Offices (www.yilmazlaw.biz ) since 1997 specifically in the fields of corporate law, foreign direct investment, international trade and contracts law. He consulted significant number of foreign direct investors in their international investments...

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